Escape From Syria: A Graphic Novel with a Powerful Message

“When I leave, be sure I tried everything in my power to stay” – Anonymous (graffiti found on a wall in Homs, Syria)

Samya Kullab’s Escape From Syria recounts the struggle of Syrian refugees caught amidst the 2013 Syrian civil war. The story follows a family’s journey from war-torn Syria to Canada. Amina, the story’s heroine, together with her family, are forced to flee Aleppo and take refuge in a Syrian refugee camp. Within the camp, Amina and her family live in abject poverty; illness and disease spread quickly; and they encounter girls, some as young as 12 years old, being forced into marriages dictated by circumstance. Many Syrians risk their lives to escape the nightmarish conditions of the camp. Upon escaping the harsh world of the refugee camp, many Syrians discover they are not wanted anyplace else. The racial, social, and political tensions Syrian refugees encounter are never-ending.

Kullab sends a powerful message that is very relevant today. Escape From Syria is an unforgettable and important graphic novel. It comes highly recommended.

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