Another Look at the Shining

The Shining is as efficacious as a psychological thriller as it is a horror story. It is dark, creepy, and atmospheric. It follows the story of the Torrance family and their experiences at the Overlook Hotel. Themes such as madness and innocence are eminent throughout the book.

Madness is Jack Torrance. Dipsomania cost him his teaching career, forcing him to take a job at the Overlook Hotel as a caretaker.  Jack’s slow descent into madness is contemplative and brooding, building tension and momentum, making the book an absolute page-turner.

Innocence is Danny Torrance. Danny has the ability to read minds and see the future. Danny personifies how incomprehensible adulthood can be to a child. As he tries to understand the meaning of “suicide” and “divorce”, you will empathize with Danny.

The Shining is an immersive read and a masterpiece.

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