​”All minds pulse in a unique way, just as every lighthouse in the world has a unique signature. Some minds pulse consistently, some erratically. Some are lukewarm, some are hot. Some flare out, some are very nearly not there. Some stay on the fringe, like quasars.” – David Mitchell, Ghostwritten

A very fascinating, philosophical, and ambitious story about human experience. Ghostwritten shows Mitchell’s talent in narration. He gives his nine characters an original, authentic voice and tell their interlocking, connected story without feeling contrived. As you read each story, you wanted to find out more about each character and how the characters would have a fleeting, sometimes random, or sometimes poignant interaction with another character. Ghostwritten takes a deeper look into humanity’s fate and chance. If you’re looking for a character-driven literary fiction, this book comes highly recommended.

Rating : 3.5/4

**Post not sponsored. All opinions my own.

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